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GRH Foundation

The Glendale - River Hills School District Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer organization made up of the District's friends and supporters. We raise and distribute charitable contributions from a variety of sources to enhance the educational experience of the students we serve. Contributions support educational initiatives at Parkway Elementary School and Glen Hills Middle School. Each year, we raise money through a variety of initiatives including:

  • Spring Fling
  • Annual Campaign
  • Run for the Hills/A Walk in the Park

Why are we Needed

Rising costs and tightening budgets are making it increasingly difficult for our schools to operate on public funding alone. The Foundation is committed to maintaining and building on our schools' tradition of educational excellence.Supporting education, our children, our community

A quality education helps put our children on the path to becoming successful, well-rounded adults. A quality public school system is a critical part of a vibrant, dynamic social, cultural, and business environment in our community. We support initiatives that improve the educational opportunities and academic performance of the students that are not currently being addressed through other means. We currently are particularly interested in supporting technology-based educational initiatives to help our children succeed in a rapidly changing world. For example, the Foundation led the effort to upgrade and redesign the Science Laboratory, the Piano Lab, and an innovative Technology Academy for our teachers.

Funding educational initiatives

Requests for funding are co-sponsored by District teachers and administrators to ensure that the proposed initiatives complement existing educational efforts, and are not duplicating other efforts. All requests are carefully screened by the Foundation's Grant Allocation Committee to ensure that they are consistent with our goals.