2016-17 District Budget

2016-17 Budget.pdf

With the revenue limits, the annual changes made to the level of state school funding in recent years, and state budget items that are still unknown, budgeting to maintain staff and services to meet students’ needs continues to be a challenge.  Fortunately, we have the $980,000 referendum funds to exceed the revenue limit, which allows us to present a balanced budget.

We have created a budget that addresses our district’s core mission that all students will be served to the best of our ability.  Several key aspects of the 2016-2017 budget are:

  • Estimated $16 per student revenue limit increase
  • $100 per-pupil categorical aid increase
  • Estimated $41,500 decrease in General State Aid
  • 0% health and dental insurance premium increase
  • 0% pupil transportation increase
  • Additional 1.0 FTE Literacy Coach, .50 FTE Literacy Interventionist, and .50 FTE Special Education Interventionist
  • Ongoing buildings budget for maintenance and repair
  • Ongoing update of student curriculum (2016-17 science)
  • Updating student technology with 1:2 ratio of iPads at Parkway and Chromebooks at Glen Hills
  • Class sections in all grade levels that meet our District’s class size recommendations


The following is a summary of the proposed budget necessary to support the educational programs of the Glendale-River Hills School District for 2016-17:




General Fund



Special Education Fund

$ 2,715,414

$ 2,715,414

Debt Service Fund

$ 759,000

$ 769,736

Non Referendum

$ 237,000

$ 238,936


$ 522,000

$ 530,800

Food Service Fund

$ 176,700

$ 176,700

Community Service Fund

$ 603,864

$ 603,940

(The Community Service Fund supports programs and activities open to the general public and funded by the district tax levy including community education, recreational and athletics outside the regular curriculum programs.)

Total Budget



The 2016-17 tax levy is a 0.09% increase over 2015-16.  A -0.02% decrease in equalized property value results in a 0.11% increase in the tax rate of $7.34 per $1,000 of property value.  The rate per $1,000 of value in 2015-16 was $7.33.


The following tax levy is necessary to support the 2016-17 budget of the Glendale-River Hills School District:

General Fund


Debt Service Fund


     Non Referendum




Community Service Fund


Chargeback for prior year taxes


     Total Property Tax Levy