Summer Academy

2019 Dates

More information
will be released at a
later date.

$200.00 per resident student
$300.00 per non-resident student

Plan to enroll your child in this exciting, fun-filled summer program to reinforce and extend student learning and success. 

Please choose courses for the grade level that your child is presently in.

General Program Information

Course Descriptions:

 Kindergarten  Grade 4
 Grade 1  Grade 5
 Grade 2  Grade 6
 Grade 3  Grade 7

Getting Ready for Kindergarten andGetting Ready for 1st Grade, classes are open to all Kindergarten students.

Please contact Patti Walters, Summer Academy Secretary at 414-351-7170 ext. 2104 for more information.

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Please contact Patti Walters at 414-351-7170 ext. 2104, if you have any questions.

2019 Fabulous Friday Field Trips

8:30 am – 12 noon



$75 for all five field trips. 

Watch for information to come out in early April

Please contact Patti Walters, Summer Academy Secretary at 414-351-7170 ext. 2104 


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