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7th Grade Information

7th Grade Procedures

  • Entering a room: prepare seat (desk picture—notebook open, pencil/pen and calculator out, HW/ANB/Text Book, if applicable,, all other materials under seat), in your seat, quiet when buzzer goes off (start bell work after buzzer – Please use this time to get any missing materials from the teacher or designated area in classroom.

  • Do It Again—repeating a procedure until 100% get it right

  • Leaving a room: During Clean Up period, papers in folders, materials in neat pile, write assignment/what you did in ANB open on top of pile, stand next to desk, teacher open door to dismiss class (German teacher walks up students at end of class)

  • Lockers - Students will only be allowed at their lockers during the following times: Beginning of the school day, before and after Allied Arts,  before and after lunch/recess and at the end of the school day.

  • STAR: Sit up, Track speaker, Ask/answer questions, Respect

  • Seat Signals:

*Student: bathroom (fingers crossed), pencil sharpened (hold up pencil), tissue (thumbs up), drink (hold three fingers up like the letter W)

*Teacher: thumbs down (no), thumbs up (yes), open palm (wait)

  • Bathroom Procedure: only during work time, teacher approval, fill out ANB on the page with the exact date, write BR, Time and a teacher will initial it, take ANB with you

  • Transitioning Downstairs (BO) Procedure: Students will transition to their 8th hour class.  8th hour teacher will dismiss them to  Band or Orchestra.  Band or Orchestra students need to wait at the doors by the window until a 7th grade teacher walks them down.   

  • End of Day Procedure: Take all materials to locker, gather home belongings, stand by locker with locker open, look for a teacher,  teacher check off one time a week to make sure it’s clean, dismissal

  • After School Procedure: Tuesday and Thursdays are late bus days in which students can stay.  Students MUST be in a classroom by 3:10.  Students can sign up to stay with teacher during their class periods or after school using the teacher’s after school clipboard.