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Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented Program Philosophy

The Glendale-River Hills School District is committed to the belief that each student has a right to a free public education appropriate to his or her special characteristics and needs, and that all students have a right to educational services which help to develop their potential.

Those students who display gifted performance and those who show potential for gifted performance will be identified through established criteria. Educational programs appropriate to their individual characteristics and needs will be provided. The areas to be considered in the school environment are academic, intellectual, creative, artistic, and leadership. The long-range goals of these programs is self-actualization for the student and a development of a sense of responsibility to self and society.

The district has designated Ann Schroeder to coordinate the Gifted and Talented Program and provide opportunities for parental participation in the identification and resultant programming for students identified as gifted and talented.

 Ann Schroeder
Gifted & Talented Coordinator