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Homework in 5th Grade

Homework Policy

5th Grade



Homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and lifelong learning habits. For these reasons, the 5th grade team believes that homework is an essential part of every child’s learning experience. Homework is not new learning and should enhance what the student has been working on in class. However, homework incorporates a wider definition than most students realize. It includes the completion of work not finished in class, completion of daily assignments, review of concepts taught that day, reading, work on long-term projects, and studying for upcoming quizzes/tests. Most students with poor or failing grades are not adequately completing homework assignments and studying. Therefore, we recommend that all students schedule a regular routine for completing homework.


        Your child’s teacher will contact you if your child needs to stay after school to complete missing assignments. Late buses are provided on Tuesdays and ThursdaysYour child may only stay after school if your child’s teacher contacts you.

        Please see the guidelines in the assignment notebook regarding absences. If your child misses a class, upon your child’s return to school, it is his/her responsibility to find an appropriate time to speak with their teacher regarding the school/ homework that was missed. Absences include music lessons, appointments, and field trips.



    •  Homework assignments turned in late will receive a lower grade.
    • Late homework assignments may affect a student’s overall achievement and effort grade.

    • Three or more late assignments will result in the student completing the assignments during their recess time or after school.